Research Paper Submissions

Please send full papers and/or abstracts before 01 Septembre 2016 via email address: All abstract and/or full papers must be prepared as per guidelines (see the link). All submitted short-abstracts will undergo a blind review. All accepted abstracts and/or full papers who register for the conference will be in published in the conference proceedings.

General instructions Guideline

Title of the paper should be a brief phrase (capitalize first letter of each word in the title and no more than 12 words) describing the contents of the paper. Below the Title Page you should include the authors' full names and affiliations, the name of the corresponding author along with phone, fax and E-mail information.
  • First and last name with Title (Dr. Mr. Miss ..etc)
  • Name of the department and institution
  • Mailing address and email address
  • Telephone number and fax number
Abstracts should be no more than 300 words. Abstracts should contain:
  • The problem and the topic raised by the research paper;
  • Locate the context (both intellectual and practical) where the subject will be studied;
  • Period of study and methodology adopted by the author;
  • A brief statement of findings and results.
Key words (3-7 words) should be provided below the Abstract. These should not duplicate key words from the title.
All files should be submitted as a Word document (.doc or .docx) (Time new roman 12pt)
Articles should not be more than 10,000 words in length.
All text is justified.
All tables are provided within the margin and titles of the tables are centred and
No space left at the beginning of the sentence of the new paragraph. Heading of the table or figure is provided on the top of the table or figure.
Results should be presented in a logical sequence in the text, tables and figures.
The results should not contain material appropriate to the Discussion
The discussion should consider the results in relation to any hypothesis advanced in the Introduction and place the study in the context of other works.

please fill form and upload abstract or paper in Microsoft Words

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Types de fichiers autorisés: doc,docx.
Taille maximale des fichiers: 1mb.
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